iPad 2 Video 吹き替え

初出: 2011/4/30

広島弁吹き替えシリーズ第6弾は iPad 2 ビデオです。

iPad 2 テレビ CM の吹き替えも(ほぼ)同時リリースしてしもうたよー

The Chew Gork Shimbun

The New York Times のところを The Chew Gork Shimbun としたのですが、そこは平野直彦さん (@naohiko7) に案を(画像も)いただき、使わせていただきました! 平野さんありがとうございました。

筆記録 (transcript) と翻訳

[Jony Ive - Senior Vice President Design]

With iPad 2 we have made advances, in both form and function, that is so significant and far reaching.

iPad 2 でからねえ、わしら形と機能の両方で前進したでよ。えらい重大で広範囲にわたっとるで。

[Jony Ive - Senior Vice President Design]

I can’t think of a product that has defined an entire category and then has been completely designed in such a short period of time.

わし考えられんでよ、 こがいに短期間でから完全なカテゴリを 定義も して完璧に設計されてきた製品をのう。

[Michael Tchao - Vice President iPad Product Marketing]

It's amazing to think, just a year ago very few people actually held an iPad in their hands and now with iPad in the hands of millions of consumers it truly has become a blockbuster post PC-device.

考えてみんさいや(意訳)、たった1年前は iPad を実際に手にしとる人はほとんどおってんなかったのにから、今は何百万ものお客さんが iPad を手にしとって、ほんまにブロックバスタのポスト PC デバイスになっとるいうことをの。

iPad 2 really builds on the success of the original iPad.

iPad 2 はほんまに、初代の iPad の成功を元に作られとるで。

It's a third thinner (8.8 mm) (13.4 mm) and up to 15% lighter.

1/3 薄うなって最大で 15% 軽いんよ。

It has a all new dual-core A5 chip which is up to twice as fast with up to nine times the graphics performance.

完全に新しいデュアルコアの A5 チップが乗っとって最大2倍速いんよ。グラフィックスの性能は最大9倍でよ。

We built in a front facing camera for FaceTime and Photo Booth and a rear facing camera that shoots HD video.

FaceTime と Photo Booth のために前向きのカメラつけたで。ほいで HD ビデオを撮れる後ろ向きのカメラをつけたわいや。

And we've been able to do all of this while still maintaining up to ten hours of battery life.


[Jony Ive - Senior Vice President Design]

The iPad 2 really is defined by the display there are just no distractions.

iPad 2 はのうほんまディスプレイが特徴じゃのう。いらんもんはなんもないでよ

By reducing what were essentially three surfaces to two, we got rid of the structural wall around the perimeter of the product and eliminated the edge.

本質的に3つの曲面じゃったもんを2つに減らすことでから、 製品の周りにある構造上の壁をもいで、角をないようにしたんよ。

It's not only more comfortable to hold but with the breakthroughs we’ve made with uni-body engineering, its rigid, sturdy and even more precise.

持ちやすうなっただけじゃのうて、わしらがこしらえた Unibody 工学のブレイクスルーでから、堅うて、丈夫で、はるかに高精度になったんで。

While the back of the product is made with durable aluminum, we wanted to figure out a way to protect the display without comprising the iPad size and weight.

製品の後ろは丈夫なアルミニウムで出来とるんじゃけどね、わしらは iPad のサイズと重さを妥協せんと、このディスプレイを守る方法を考え出したかったんよね。

So rather than developing a separate case, we created a cover at the same time when we were actually designing the iPad.

じゃけえ、分離的なケースを開発するよりかは、iPad を実際に設計しょうるときに同時に非分離なカバーをこしらえたんよね。

The two are made to work together.


It attached magnetically, it lines perfectly and its just as easy to remove.


When the iPad detects you’ve opened the cover it immediately awakes from sleep.

iPad はあんたがカバー開けたの検知してからすぐスリープから復帰するでよ。

And when you close the cover it puts it back to sleep.


You can also fold the cover to create a stand for typing, or watching a video and the micro fiber internal lining was even designed to keep the display clean.

あんたあカバーたたんでから、タイピングしたりビデオを見るためのスタンドも作れるでよ。 ほいで内側の裏地のマイクロファイバータオル^H^H^H がディスプレイをきれいなまんまになるようにうまいこと設計してあるで。

There are ten colors, five in polyurethane and five in a beautiful dyed aniline leather.


We are constantly working to refine and improve, to simplify, to make something thinner and lighter and yet at the same time increasing its functionality.

わしらはコンスタントに製品を洗練して改良し続けとるで。 シンプルにするために、より薄うて軽いのに同時に機能性も増加しとるもんを作るためにの。

[Scott Forstall]

With an all new front facing camera we brought FaceTime to the iPad.

新しゅう前向きのカメラつけて iPad に FaceTime を持ってきたでよ。

It’s everything you love about video calling on the iPhone 4, but better.

そりゃあ iPhone 4 のテレビ電話についてあんたが好きなこと全部なんよ。じゃけどもっとええで。

The big iPad display really changes the FaceTime experience.

iPad のディスプレイがでかいけえ FaceTime 体験が変わるでよ。

At this size everything is so much clearer and more expressive.


There is a rear facing HD video camera so you can share the moments you are seeing as they are happening.

後ろ向きの HD ビデオカメラもあるけえね、あんたが見とる瞬間を共有できるんで。それが起こっとるみたいにの。

But FaceTime is just the beginning.

じゃけど FaceTime はただの始まりよ。

We optimized the iOS to take advantage of the A5 dual core chip and we are introducing new apps that really leverage all this processing power.

わしらはデュアルコアの A5 チップをええがに使えるように iOS を最適化したけえ、このプロセッサの力をみな出しあげる新アプリを導入するで。

Like Photo Booth.

例えば Photo Booth みたいな。

It's so simple to use and it's ridiculously fun.

使うなあものすごい簡単でから、ひょうけとるように楽しいで。 (ものすごい簡単に「だいじょうぶだぁ」いうてできるで。)

With the new rear facing HD video camera, iMovie is just a natural on the iPad.

新しゅう後ろに HD ビデオカメラがあるけえ、iMovie は iPad にはまさにうってつけじゃのう。

The display is so big, there is plenty of room to edit your video.


And when you're done, your movies look awesome on the big beautiful display.


GarageBand is an absolute blast.

GarageBand ははあ銀河烈風じゃの。

You can use your own instruments or you can just use the touch instruments that are built in.


And those are integrated so well in the iPad that as you tap harder, it plays louder.

そりゃあね、ものすごいええがに iPad に統合されとるけえ、強うタップすりゃあでこう音が出るわ。

It just reacts to what you're doing.


When you are playing guitar you can bend the strings.


It's just amazing.


You don’t have to be a musician to use it.


Just open it up and start tapping away. You're making music.


Recently we've added new ways to share the content on your iPad.

最近ねえ iPad 上のコンテンツを共有する新しい方法を追加したで。

With Airplay you can share movies, photos and music, right to your Apple TV.

AirPlay いうのでからあんたあ動画やら写真やら音楽やらを Apple TV に直行で共有できるんよ。

And now we are adding video mirroring.


Just connect your iPad to your HD TV and it will mirror exactly what your doing on your iPad in any orientation and in full 1080p.

iPad をハイビジョンのテレビにただつないでみんさい。そしたらびしゃっとあんたが iPad 上でしょうるまんまをミラーしてくれるけえ。どがいな向きでもの。しかも 1080p フルでの。

We've done things with this iPad that we never could have done before and it's because there is a lot of new innovation driving it.

わしらはの、わしらが今までじゃったら全然出来んかったことをこの iPad でやったでよ。 そりゃあ、iPad を動かしょうる新しいイノベーションがようけあるけえなんよ。

[Bob Mansfield - Senior Vice President Hardware]

It starts with the new dual core A5 chip.

そりゃ新しいデュアルコアの A5 チップから始まるわ。

That’s added a lot more speed to things you do everyday, like surfing the web, sending email and multitasking.


In fact, it's up to twice as fast.


But the place we’ve made the biggest jump is with graphics.


The performance is up to nine times faster.


You'll really notice this in games and apps that use a lot of video.


And for the first time we built a gyro into this iPad, that give you very precise control, in multiple dimensions and it allows us to really measure the orientation of the iPad in space.

ほいで初めてこの iPad にジャイロも搭載したで。それでからものすごい正確なコントロールを複数の次元で出来るわいや。 で、空間の中での iPad の向きをええがにはかれるでよ。

These new components and features add all kinds of possibilities when it comes to apps.


And even though we boosted the performance, we haven’t compromised on battery life.


The new iPad still gets a full 10 hours and that’s a major achievement of a design this thin.

新しい iPad は10時間フルにいごくけえ。そりゃあこがいに薄い設計じゃあ優れた業績じゃの。

[Michael Tchao - Vice President iPad Product Marketing]

With all that we added to iPad 2, a thinner lighter design, the amazing dual-core A5 chip, front and rear cameras and the smart cover, this really is a giant leap forward.

わしらが iPad 2 に追加した全部、より薄うてより軽いデザイン、ものすごいデュアルコア A5 チップ、前後にあるカメラ、スマートカバー、こりゃほんま大躍進じゃわ。

[Jony Ive - Senior Vice President Design]

The original iPad defined a category and I think that the iPad 2 will really define that category for years to come

初代の iPad はいっこんのカテゴリを定義したわ。 ほいでわし思うんじゃけどね iPad 2 はこれからの数年間そのカテゴリをぴしゃっと定義ことになるじゃろうの。

2011. The year of iPad 2.

Legal Information

  1. The iPad Smart Cover is sold separately. Some color may rub off leather covers during use.
  2. Requires a FaceTime-enabled Mac with an Internet connection of a FaceTime-enabled iOS device with a Wi-Fi connection.
  3. iMovie and GarageBand sold separately.
  4. AirPlay is compatible only with the latest generation Apple TV.
  5. Battery Life varies by use and configuration. See www.apple.com/batteris for more information.


  1. iPad Smart Coverは別売りじゃ。革製のカバーは使ようる途中でから摩耗やらなんやらで色落ちするかもわからんでよ。
  2. FaceTimeを使うにゃ、FaceTimeがインストールされとるMacとインターネット接続、それかね、FaceTimeが搭載されとるiOSデバイスとWi-Fi接続がいるんよ。
  3. iMovieとGarageBandは別売りじゃ。
  4. AirPlayは最新のApple TVだけ対応しとるけえの。最新のを買いんさい。
  5. バッテリー駆動時間はあんたの使い方によるわいの。詳しくは www.apple.com/jp/batteries を見てつかあさい。
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